The Green Shelf

A first-class concept for retailers with a vision

Go Green has associated 4 kind of things with each other:

1) Lots of researches show us that people are willing to save energy, but that they actually don’t know how to do it;

2) It appears that people have a very limited view of saving energy, when you ask them about energy saving products they can normally only mention the saving bulb;

3) The most common mistake made by people who want to save energy is that people start with big investments in, for example, solar panels. This takes a long time before it repays itself. But with smaller investments also a lot of saving can be reached;

4) All retailers know that people like to think in themes. So they want to find dairy products in the shelf for dairy products, coffee in the coffee shelf, nails in the shelf for nails and tools in the shelf for tools. Therefore Go Green has compiled the Green shelf.

Ad 1) People want to save energy (and money of course). In 2008 “energy saving” was second on the list of good intentions for the New Year. Though at the same time people declared that they don’t know how to do this. Go Green goes along with this by mentioning clearly the total energy savings in euros, kWh, m3 gas, m3 water and kg CO2 on the packaging of each product. Besides this also a detailed saving claim has been included which explains exactly how these savings have been calculated. The clients are immediately able to see what will be their benefit.

Ad 2) When people are asked to mention energy saving products they often can only mention the saving bulb. The Go Green “Green Shelf” goes along with this, at a glance people are shown as many as 75 different energy saving products!

Ad 3) When energy needs to be saved people always have to work according to the PSG principle; Prevent, Save, Generate.

Good insulation, for example, helps you to prevent waste of energy. You can save energy which you need anyway for, for example, illumination or heating by using led lamps or saving bulbs, draught excluders, standby killers, etcetera. Generating energy follows not until preventing and saving has been done. The Go Green products all prevent or save energy.

Ad 4) Concept thinking is well-known. Retailers put all similar products together in a shelf. Energy saving can also be seen as such a concept. By means of “the Green Shelf” all energy saving products are put together so customers can easily oversee all different kind of products by which they can save energy. The shelf is well-organized, also when new products are added people will be able to find them at a glance.    

Energy saving as a concept in the store

Go Green is looking for retailers with a vision. Do you have vision? Please send an e-mail to: info at greenliving . hu

Go Green looks for:

- Retailers who want to meet the (latent) need of the market to save energy;
- Retailers who see energy saving as a concept;
- Retailers who acknowledge that it is not about the products, but about fulfilling a demand (where the customers are sometimes not even aware of).


Consequences of energy saving as a concept

- It can happen that the Green Shelf contains a showerhead while it has been placed in a specialist shop for electronics. Showerheads do save lots of energy, so it can better not be taken out of the shelf.
- It can happen that a retailer also admits the Go Green saving bulbs next to its current supplier's lamps. He doesn’t do this because he is dissatisfied with his current assortment of saving bulbs, but because the Go Green saving bulbs totally fit to the concept of energy saving and that they therefore do have to be part of the Green Shelf.
- It can also happen that the buying department is quit conservative in saving energy. That doesn’t matter, you can also try “the Green Shelf” for a while. We are sure that it will be a success!


What does Go Green offer you?

- A nice shelf made of steel
- A nice cardboard display for actions
- A counter display (not yet in stock)
- Leaflets and pamphlets
- A detailed savings claim for every product
- Plastic bags made out of biological maize
- Banners for you website
- Your (web)address will be mentioned on the Go Green website (‘Sales Points’)