Go Green gas saving

In 2008 the average natural gas consumption (per household with a connection to the gas mains) was 1700 m3 the average costs were about 1050,- per year. So saving gas does really matter! Also for this kind of saving Go Green has some nice products available. It is considered to implement first the simple savings and after that the more complicated ones.

Download over here the product specifications of the products below.

Go Green Standard Doorspring (tw700101)

Save approximately 15 m3 of gas per year, per door using a door spring for draft exclusion. That’s an easy saving isn’t it? The door spring is easy to install. Slide it over the hinge and you're done. N.B. Can only be used with rebated doors.

Gas savings 15 m3/yr.



Go Green Doorspring Swivel Pin (tw700118)

Save approximately 15 m3 of gas per year, per door using a door spring for draft exclusion. That’s an easy saving isn’t it? Go Green's Door Spring is also suitable for safety gates. The door spring is easy to install: Close the door and tap either the door’s bottom or top hinge pin with the long pin (diameter of 6 mm) till it falls out. The long pin with the spring on it is now placed in the hinge. The ends of spring are now tensed between the door and the jamb.

Gas savings 15 m3/yr.

Go Green Radiator foil (ip7777)

Go Green's Radiator Foil ensures that all the heat emitted by your radiator has the optimum effect. This means you will save energy. Tape the foil to the back of the radiator and not on the wall behind the radiator. The foil reflects the radiator’s heat and will therefore not dissipate through the wall. The foil is easy to attach using the magnetic tape. And don’t worry: you won’t be able to see the radiator foil when looking at the radiator. It’s invisible and works straight away!

Global savings in m³ per year:
A brick wall; not insulated 35 m³
A cavity wall; not insulated 25 m³
A cavity wall; insulated 10 m³
An extremely well insulated wall 4 m³

Dimensions: 50 cm x 500 cm (total of 2.5 m²)
Includes 10 metres of magnetic tape.

Go Green Draught-excluder Small 1-4 mm, 5m, white (tw610301088)

Go Green Draught-excluder Large 3-5 mm, 5m, white (tw600301088)

Go Green's Draft strip will save you up to €11 a year! That means that this minimal investment will pay for itself within the first four months. Cracks of up to 4 mm or up to 5 mm around doors and windows can be closed using the self-adhesive draft strip which is made of polyethylene. Directions for use: - Make sure the surface is clean, dry and free of fat - Partially remove the protective wrapping - Press the strip firmly - Apply when the temperature is at least +7˚ - Saves approximately 4 m3 of gas per meter of strip.

Gas savings 20 m3/yr.

Go Green Heat Detector 10 cm (ed40107)

Using Go Green’s Heat Detector you will have no trouble seeing when your radiator exceeds 40 degrees. When it does get to warm, you will be able to turn the radiator off in all the rooms were are no people at that moment, like for example an empty nursery or study. This means you won’t have to walk all the way to the radiator to feel if it’s warm. You can save lots of energy in this way. An average radiator (2,5 kW) consumes approximately 0.3 m3 gas per hour. The Go Green Heat Detectors provide enough material for heat detectors on 10 radiators. Making a saving is this easy!

Gas savings 24 m3/yr.

Go Green Shower Thermometer (ds2070)

Did you know that you can save both energy and money by taking colder showers? Go Green's Shower Thermometer demonstrates this. Place the thermometer between the tap and the shower hose. When water passes through it you will be able to see the water's temperature on the digital screen. Information about the savings you can realize can be found on the product.

Gas savings 33 m3/yr.

Go Green Radiator Booster

With the use of our patented Radiator Booster you can save a lot of money on your energy bills! The radiator Booster is ingeniously designed to distribute the warmth coming from your radiator faster into you room. Using the booster you can easily turn down your thermostat 1 to 3 degrees without losing out on comfort. Simply place the booster on your radiator, adjust the size so it will fit properly and plug it in. The fan will do all the work for you!

You can save up to 33 m3 of gas!