Go Green battery saving

You can also save energy by saving energy out of batteries. In 2007 130.000.000 batteries were handed in and another 20.000 ended up in the refuse. This means that an average household consumes about 25 batteries a year.  One of the most easy and well-known ways of saving energy is by using rechargeable batteries instead of normal batteries, but the Go Green’s  product line also includes some products who use very less energy or even generate their own energy.

Download over here the product specifications of the products below.


Go Green Solar Remote (gg51109)

The durable solution to a battery operated TV remote control! This Go Green remote uses solar energy to power its batteries. Provided that it gets enough sunlight it will charge itself within 3-4 hours.  Fully charged it will last, with average usage, in dark surroundings for about 3-4 days and in light surroundings even up to a week! This solar remote is suitable for most television brands and is easy to program and operate. The highly intelligent chip ensures all your settings will be saved while using a minimal amount of energy.

Go Green Shaking Flashlight Medium (gg030230)

You'll never have to depend on batteries again. Great for both the environment and you. Go Green's Medium Shaking Flashlight belongs to the new generation shaking flashlights with double coil technology for the extremely efficient generation of energy. Shaking the light for one minute will generate a bright light for up to 20 minutes. The Medium Shaking Flashlight is totally waterproof up to two metres and is ideal for use in damp areas such as in and around a boat. It is fitted with a powerful LED lamp and is also a manageable size.


Go Green Shaking Flashlight Large (gg030228)

Just shake for light galore! Just one minute of shaking will generate more than 30 minutes of light. Go Green's Large Shaking Flashlight is waterproof and is ideal for use in a car, boat or on a campsite. You'll always have light when you need it and you'll never be cursed with empty batteries. The torch is made out of durable ABS and is also extremely environmentally friendly.




Go Green Led Flashlight/Charger (gg13783)

You'll never have to depend on batteries again. Great for both the environment and you. You'll always have light and a battery at your disposal! This is a handy flashlight with a carbine hook and a charging function for mobile phones. It will only take three minutes of revolving for you to be able to use your phone again using Go Green's LED Flashlight/charger.




Go Green Solar Led Flashlight (gg0507)

You'll never have to depend on batteries again. Great for both the environment and you. You'll always have light at your disposal. Go Green's Solar LED Flashlight is a key ring with a LED lamp in it. The LED lamp is charged by a solar panel. Stylish and it saves energy too!





Go Green Led Bicycle Lighting/Charger (gg7878-vb)

Cycling through the dark without a dynamo or empty batteries is now safe and easy! Go Green's Bicycle Lights/Charger is a revolving rechargeable light system which contains a front and back light for your bicycle. It's easy to charge the front light as all you have to do is manually revolve the light for one minute. This will provide either 8-10 minutes of steady light or a flashing light that can last up to 60 minutes. The Go Green can also be used as a torch or as a mobile phone charger. A charge cable for Nokia phones is a standard part of the package.


Go Green Led Squeeze Flashlight (gg0509)

Teach children they can generate light for their torches! Go Green's LED Squeeze Flashlight is an eco-friendly  product which is shaped like a penguin. It is incredibly user friendly as it is designed for children and can also be used as a nightlight. It has been fitted with a  powerful new generation LED lamp. Your child will always have plenty of light whenever and wherever they need it. You can also put it anywhere using the handy feet.



Go Green Solar Tyre-pressure Gauge (ed100780)

Did you know that you use more fuel when your tyre pressure is too low? Safety is also an issue. That is the reason why it is extremely important to keep your tires in tiptop condition. Go Green's Solar Tyre-pressure Gauge allows you to measure the pressure and the profile of your tyres. The gauge is powered by solar energy. Remove the tyre valve's cap and place the gauge on the valve. Finding the valve in the dark is easy using the blue LED lamp. The pressure is then displayed on the screen. There is a sliding calliper on the back which allows you to measure the tyre's profile. In other words, Go Green's Solar Tyre-pressure gauge not only saves energy; it also keeps you safe.

Go Green Keychain Twister (gg1815)

Really small bulbs don't use much electricity. The Go Green Keychain Twister uses a really, really small bulb. This miniature torch is always close at hand and uses a minimum amount of energy. It's great to own and it's great to give and receive.





Go Green Solar and Crank Radio (gg92.2)

The Go Green Solar and Crank Radio keeps things simple. This AM/FM radio can be charged in a number of different ways. It can be charged using mains electricity or it can be plugged into a USB hub. However it can also be charged in an eco-friendly fashion using solar power or the crank technology! This light weight radio is practical and can be used in the garden, on a boat or when camping. And it even allows you to save energy! Specifications: - one minute of cranking this radio delivers 20 minutes of play - five hours of sunlight delivers 30 minutes of play - it takes between 20 and 30 hours of sunlight to fully recharge the battery - the radio can be fully charged using the USB/AC: this takes 8 hours - a fully charged battery has a 7 hour life span - battery: 300 mAH, 2.4V Ni-MH - weight: 205 grams - dimensions: 130 x 70 x 38 mm.

Go Green Solar House Number and Doorbell Light (hv36907)

You no longer need to work with wires as the Go Green Solar House Number and Doorbell Light is powered by the sun. When installing the device please remember to make sure the panel is in direct sunlight. Not only can you use this Go Green product to light you house number or doorbell, you can also use it to light paths, flowers or plants. A device with numerous uses which doesn't cost you any electricity or batteries!